Sunset Family Photoshoot with Four Generations at Hapuna Beach

February 13, 2020


The light was hitting perfectly, bathing the family in light in their incredible beach colors as the waves rolled in softly.  All I kept saying was...."Wow." It's days like these that make being a photographer easy.  With the most stunning sunset as the perfect backdrop, all I have to do is let a family be themselves around the beach, making it easy to capture people's true nature. 

Needless to say, it was a brilliant sunset which complimented the phenomenal light this family shared with the camera. Showing up in style with only soft fabrics in white and light pink colors, their entire wardrobe was able to bring out the natural light colors of the white sand beach and dramatic sunset behind the gentle waves. 

Sometimes, families can be incredibly close and it can really show.  This amazing family however, showed a love for each other that is something to be admired.  With a local big island family of four, Grandma and Great Grandma were in town for a family reunion and wanted to celebrate the incredible joy they have for love and life! Watching the two young girls running through the pink reflective water reminded me of being a kid all over again. It was definitely an extra special day I'll never forget. Happy Valentine's Day!


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