Anaehoomalu Bay Coral Beach Family Photoshoot

December 07, 2019

Even on some stormy, windy days, we can shift things around and try to find a safe location to get out of the nutty windstorm.  Walking down through the forest path that opens up onto a beautiful white coral beach that was nicely sheltered, we were able to take some photos in a location that was a bit more accomodating for a baby and make the photoshoot much more enjoyable!


This adorable couple was recently married and had a beautiful baby girl!  She is currently 9 months old and it was such a perfect time to catch some adorable photos of her incredible and phenomenal smile along with her older, handsome brothers who absolutely adore their baby sister!  Kids never cease to amaze me. Such cuties!

This fun and sweet family lives on the wet side of the island and it was lovely to get them out here and enjoy a lovely sunset with the beautiful pink hues setting over the amazing mountain of Hualalai this time of year.  It was a spectacular backdrop over the white coral contrasting with the black lava rock spread out around the beach. Their perfect colors of light blues and pinks were a perfect complimentary match to the colors in the sky.