Alena in the Daisies

May 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Child Portrait Session

Glowing in the Daisies Sunrise Session

Anytime you get a chance to shoot in a flower field, depending on where you are, you need to be willing to get up at sunrise to get just the right lighting.  Of course, that's easier said than done anytime you have younger ones involved. Little miss Alena, who admitted she is not a morning person, jumped at the chance to play in the flowers no matter what time of day it was.  She was a trooper from the beginning and we're so delighted she was!

Since flower fields only last so long, we had a bit of a time limit to make sure we were able to capture them before their season was over.  Getting up in the dark before the sun is out can often be a struggle getting out of bed, especially when the mornings can be a tad bit chilly and everyone is happier in a sweater. Then it slowly starts to get a bit brighter out and once the sun reaches its beautiful rays out over the hills and that stream of golden light illuminates everything around you, you know it was all worth it. 

When you have such a playful and adorable model like Alena in the daisies, it makes me wish we could have flower fields growing here all year long! That glowing excitement she had while wearing a fairy tale dress and picking flowers in the sunshine was such a treat!  Miss Alena, I hope in the future you'll be able to see these photos as a step back in time and always remember what it's like to be a child. Thank you for sharing your blooming spirit. You make me want to be a kid all over again!




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