Savanah & Steven

November 03, 2018

Couples Portrait Session

Waikoloa Hillside Sunset Session

Young love.  Is there anything more exciting in a young adult's life?  Savanah and Steven certainly share it with the world with their great big smiles and complete adoration for each other.  If only we could bottle up that feeling and save that happiness for the days we need it most in our lives.  Well, that's how a great photograph should make you feel.  Freezing that moment in time where you can bring back that pure joy and emotion just by looking at a picture. This is one of the reasons I love photography so much.

Savanah and Steven currently go to college together in Central Valley California.  They actually started dating each other during high school, and because of their love for each other through the years, they have decided to stay close while going to college.  This is the sort of decision I am sure is difficult for many students when having to choose which schools they may go to. When you see these two darling sweet hearts together, it's easy to see that they made the right decision.      

Even though these two are still quite young, many people have already wondered why these two haven't tied the knot yet.  In response, they just say that it is already "in the plans," but they just want to be able to finish school first.  A decision that I found to be very wise, but also incredibly exciting!

What a pleasure it was to be able to capture the magic and romance between two young lovers.  Especially ones as gorgeous and stunning as Savanah and Steven.  These two make my job as photographer easy.  I honestly can't wait for them to finish school.  Keep sprinkling the world with your bright and shiny happiness, Lovebirds!